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Learn, Live, Love


Arabia Experience Institute in Oman offers engaging classes in Omani Gulf Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. We offer a full-time day program, afternoon private classes, and 4 week intensive modules throughout the year.


Arabia Expeditions offers exciting tours and cultural activities throughout Oman, and across the Arabian Peninsula. After participating in AE Expeditions we hope that Arabia won’t be a mysterious desert kingdom anymore, but rather a land that holds fascinating wonders and many new friends.

Our Team

Inspired to provide opportunities for students to learn, live, love.

  • Nasser | Owner

    Nasser Al Jabri is the Owner at AEI. He also teaches private Arabic classes. Nasser is a dynamic self-starter with an entrepreneurial drive. He loves his language, culture, and country and excels in classroom sessions.

  • Dr. Irene | Program Director

    Dr. Irene Taguinod is a Filipina who manages the administration system at the institute. Her educational background is in Information Technology and Educational Management. She loves Oman and has been working in the country since 2014.

  • Dr. Greg | Learning Resources Consultant

    Dr. Greg Webby has spent over 20 years in the Arab world.  Originally from New Zealand, where he earned a Ph.D., he has worked in Morocco, U.A.E., and Oman.  Greg’s research projects have taken him throughout the world.  He is passionate about his love for the Arabian Peninsula and its people.

  • Jason | Technology Consultant

    Jason has been tinkering with computers and other forms of technology since he was an elementary-age child. Prior to graduating high school in the United States, he worked for his home school district assessing and repairing technology at two schools, in addition to working as a Network Administrator at a local bank. His love for technology propelled him to study Continue Reading

  • Kawakib | Arabic Teacher

    Kawakib joined our school with previous experience in private Arabic tutoring and small group classes. Her sister teaches Arabic locally at an institute in Buraimi, Oman and Kawakib shares her sister’s passion and dedication for teaching. Kawakib is kind, patient, and quickly develops personal bonds with her classes.

  • Salha | Arabic Teacher

    Salha joined our school with previous experience in Elementary Arabic teaching in the Oman school system. She loves to make her classes fun and interactive. Salha excels at using engaging Arabic games to reinforce the learning process.

  • Waleed | Arabic Teacher

    Waleed has a Bachelor's degree in the Arabic Language from the United Arab Emirates. He is a great teacher and gets the best out of his students. He is a wonderful encourager and continually strives for excellence.  Modern Standard Arabic is his specialty.

  • Haya | Arabic Teacher

    Haya comes from a Bedouin family in Bediya, Oman and has been working at AEI since 2017. She is very passionate about the teaching profession and completed her Bachelor's Degree in Arabic Language at the University of Nizwa. Because of her passion for teaching, she is excellent at teaching the Gulf Arabic language to her students.

  • Mooza | Arabic Teacher

    Mooza is an excellent teacher in the Arabic Language. She is most loved by the students and is always testing new learning techniques to try and teach her students. She graduated from the University of Buraimi and is an expert in teaching the Gulf Arabic language.

  • Maryam | Secretary

    Maryam is a local Omani from Buraimi who completed her Higher Diploma at Higher College of Technology (HCT) in Muscat, Oman. She is very professional in dealing with the students and can communicate very well in Arabic and English. Maryam is in charge of the day-to-day administration work.

At Arabia Experience we believe…

  • no two students are the same

    Our teachers are trained and held accountable to varying their classroom activities to meet various learning styles and individual student needs.

  • the best teachers inspire

    Our teachers go beyond teaching and inspire students to push themselves to be the best Arabic communicators they can be. Our teachers get to know their students, make learning fun, and foster a safe learning environment in the classroom where students can thrive.

  • in a communicative approach

    Language is a skill that is acquired not a subject that is taught. Our teachers create lessons that are interactive and dynamic, placing students at the center of the learning process.

  • coaching empowers student learning

    We provide opportunities for students to meet one on one with trained staff and teachers throughout the semester. Through language coaching, students set personal language goals and process ways they can meet those goals.

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