Monthly Archives: March 2011

Book Report: Invisible Women

Last night I started reading: "In the Land of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor's Journey in the Saudi Kingdom" by Dr. Qanta Ahmed.  I have only read the first 1.5 chapters, but so far it is a great read and a refreshing change from many of the other books written about Saudi Women.  Her views…
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Hospitality in Unexpected Places

A few weeks ago as we were traveling through Oman loaded down with off road gear, 5 people and their luggage bags, it began to rain. We pulled over to cover the bags with some plastic thinking a week of wearing wet moldy clothes would not be fun. After getting everything adjusted we decided now…
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The King is Back!

This past week King Abdullah came back after being gone for medical treatments.  A few days before his arrival, Saudi flags lined the streets, lights and decorations went up, and large banners with pictures and kind sayings about the king were hung. In celebration of his return, phone companies allowed for free text messaging, media…
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