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Just a Moment

In today's modernizing culture there is rarely an opportunity for one to get away from all the demands of life and be silent. There is something truly captivating about being silent. Not having a constant stream of texts, emails, and messages bombarding your phone or computer is refreshing. Last night we got to experience one…
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Relationships, Religion, and History

Alot has happened since I was last able to write about our whereabouts. Let me begin where I left off. The home-cooked meal that we were able to share with the Hijazi family was glorious. There were three tables of food with at least a dozen different dishes and not one of them were bad!…
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Saudi Hospitality

Our new friends from the corniche called us on Friday afternoon and informed us that the invitation to ride four-wheelers on the dunes was being accompanied by an invitation to share a Saudi cookout. Accepting that offer didn't take a whole lot of consideration on our part. They picked us up from the hotel at…
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Day One around Jeddah

Our time in Jeddah has been phenomenal. Day One was full of many pleasant surprises. We spent the early parts of the day walking around Balad (Old Jeddah) with our tour guide, Khalid. He pointed out many interesting architectural and historical facts. We got to see parts of the original wall that surrounded the city…
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