Core Program

Core Program

About the Program

Our Arabic Core Program is intended for the student who wants to build a strong foundation in both Gulf Colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic. It is designed to take students from a zero level in Arabic through the intermediate-high level according to the ACTFL scale.

This is the perfect program for students who want to go beyond simple textbook learning and dive into Arabic fluency.

Length of Program

The full-time program consists of 4 semesters, 18 weeks each, taken over the course of 2 years. Classes meet five days a week for 20 hours each week. Each day students engage in the study of different topics in MSA and Colloquial Arabic. Students use their afternoons and evenings to practice language in the local community.

***Though applicants are encouraged to complete the full-time program, the school can accommodate for students who would prefer to study on a semester by semester basis.

Program Dates

Typical dates for the Core Program semesters are as follows:

Fall Semester: August – December

Spring Semester: January – May

Please contact us at info@arabiaexperience.com for exact semester start and finish dates.

Cost of Program

Please contact us for the most recent tuition costs.

Student Visas

Student visas are available for qualified  students enrolled in the full-time program. Contact us for more details.

Core Program Packet

This packet includes an application, student policies, and other information about the area, such as living expenses, housing options, and local nursery and school options for children. Download here.

Placement Tests

Students entering the Core Program with previous experience with the Arabic language are recommended to take a placement test to determine the appropriate class level. To take a placement test, contact us to scheduling.

Language Coaching

At AEI, we want all of our students to succeed. To do this, we periodically review all students’ progress and provide language coaching to any student who wants help in finding resources or strategies to enhance their learning experience.

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