Welcome to our AEI Resources page!

This is a page for student currently enrolled in our Arabic programs. Below you will find links to different resources that you will use throughout your time at AEI. Don't hesitate to write us if you have any issues accessing the content.

Click here for the AEI Student Portal. This is a site for students with files, links, and resources for your use throughout your time at AEI. It also contains an up to date institute calendar of events, and enrollment in the site adds you to our "Student Email Updates Group." If you are a current student at AEI and you do not have access to the student portal, please contact our administrative team. 

Click here for the AEI Course and Teacher Comment Form. This is a form where students can provide feedback on teachers and courses at AEI. With your valuable feedback we will continue to make AEI into the best Arabic language school in the region!

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